Poker is considered the most popular casino game in history. Its popularity has even increased since the appearance of the Internet and online poker rooms. Many investors have already realized its profitability and started investing into poker rooms. Profits are generated through the rake (a percent of the pot in each poker hand up to a predetermined maximum amount) and tournament entry fees (5-10% of the tournament buy-in). If you are considering the possibility to invest money into this industry and open your own poker room, first of all, you have to purchase online poker software.

Start your own poker room using our White Label Poker software package

The following features are included:

Custom designed poker website following customers specifications;

  • Custom made logo visible on all tables and lobbies, change of color schemes and look of the lobby and navigation tabs and buttons;
  • Advanced reporting system and a variety of administration tools to help operators get a better insight into the business;
  • several methods of play: cash games, sit & go tournaments (the tournament starts when a pre-defined number of players are registered), multi-table tournaments (the game is played until one of the players has all the chips), free rolls (allows players to familiarize with the game of poker), shootouts, 1 on 1, knockout tournaments (at a pre-determined time during the tournament, the player with the smallest chipstack gets knocked out);
  • Texas Hold’em, Crazy Hold’em, Telesina, Omaha, Stud Poker are poker variations included in our package; for each variation we provide tables with different stakes to match all budgets;
  • each Poker game accommodates 3 types of limits: No Limit ( there is no specified betting limit on each round of betting, allowing players to bet all of their chips at any time); Pot Limit (betting restricted to the amount of the pot), Fixed Limit (there is a specified betting limit on each round of betting);
  • mobile poker platform compatible with all mobile devices;
  • 24/7 website functionality and our own staff to manage all day to day operations;
  • excellent technical support and customer support;
  • advanced hosting scalable and capable of maintaining more than 100.000 users at any given time;
  • state of the art encryption for  a secure payment processing service;
  • adjustable bonuses and tournament promotions;
  • industry’s leading security and fraud prevention;
  • Content Management System that allows operators to access detailed accounting, customer management, promotional features and marketing statistics.