Virtual casino games are the internet version of a traditional land based casino. An online casino is as good as the software it uses. As an operator, you want your casino website to emulate a Las Vegas casino environment and to provide customers with a pleasant gambling experience. In order to accomplish that it is important to deliver certain components like: modern graphics, realistic sounds and a variety of themes for all your casino games.

White Label Casino software is in every aspect as good as the software developed by the industries top e-gaming providers but without the six figures price tag.

Through an advanced management system, operators can customize every aspect of the casino from table tops, card backs, chips, dealer’s voice;

Online casino games must provide fair chances. This is accomplished by using a random number generator to ensure that the numbers, cards or dice, appear random to a client playing an online casino game. Our platform incorporates state of the art RNG solution (random number generator) accredited by Swiss company Quantique, using true quantum randomness technology with a high bit rate of 4Mbits/sec up to 16 Mbits/sec.


 150+ high quality single player casino games

All our games are web-based and incorporate the most popular table and card games played in casinos worldwide: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Slot Machines and Dice.

In regards to graphics, our selection of casino games include 2 formats : High Definition – operating in full screen with 1600×1200 pixels screen resolution and Regular casino games – operating in 800×600 pixels screen resolution

  • all casino games can be played using virtual money or real money;
  • State of the art security and anti –fraud systems against all forms of virtual attacks;
  • A customizable system for setting the parameters and requirements for different promotions and bonuses as well as casino games rules and payouts;
  • Our casino package includes 30+ HTML5 Mobile Casino games compatible with all mobile devices like smart phones or tables.